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Support Gackt Community

Support Gackt ~You are DEAR to us~

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Welcome to the Support Gackt Community Journal.

Note: Do NOT direct link to any of the banners/images/etc. On this page or within the community itself. If you want to link to us, or any of the other sites here, copy the banner to YOUR on site and link them that way.

Please visit the following sites to learn about the Support Gackt Project:


Please read all these rules before joining:

Please do not make full romaji posts, not everyone can read romaji.

If you post a large post, please use LJ cut, the same goes for large images.

Do not hotlink from other people's sites for images, if you need to post an image, do it from somewhere like photobucket or your own site.

Most importantly, play nice. I rule with an iron fist when it comes to people being childish. If Live Journal was ANYTHING like the Muse board, I wouldn't feel the need for this rule, but this isn't Muse, it's Live Journal. XD